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Arawak Publications
Dewdrop 1st Edition PDF Print E-mail



DEWDROP brings together poems, paintings and drawings composed over the last sixteen years on several continents. The work focuses the creator s eye both on that inner-landscape of the imagination as well as on the outer, corporeal world. In both text and image, Dewdrop explores questions of self, society and history in an introspective manner, constituting a soliloquy on the creator s life. --C. A. Hogarth, Clearwater Abode, Kingston 


N. W. Manley and the Making of Modern Jamaica PDF Print E-mail

N.W. Manley and the Making of Modern Jamaica combines knowledge, analysis and reflection in a remarkable portrayal of the life and times of the doyen of Jamaican nationalism and primus inter pares among the Founding Fathers of modern Jamaica. This book is a must-read for a deeper understanding of the fixity of purpose and sustained pursuit of excellence which drove Manley to achieve unprecedented distinction as a schoolboy in sports, academics and leadership. Despite an economically challenging childhood and the early loss of both parents, he won  [...more]