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A r a w a k publications has been engaged in independent publishing since October 2000 and has developed a list with a focus on educational, interdisciplinary social science and humanities journal).

A r a w a k's target readership falls into two main categories: on the one hand, children/young adults, and on the other, tertiary level students/ professionals/ adults. The general reader falls naturally into the second target group, but also crosses over into the young adult audience comfortably.

Within this framework, A r a w a k's list describes and discusses the history, politics, development and cultural studies, language and linguistics, personal accounts/biographies, business, project management, and related proposals as part of the experience of our Caribbean societies and our Caribbean Diasporic communities.

A r a w a k?s core mission is to contribute to the Caribbean regional development and integration project by playing its part in strengthening the culture of publishing in Jamaica and in our entire region, and by participating in the many and varied critical offshoots of this exercise that redound to the benefit of the broadest sectors of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.

Freelance support & personnel are sourced in the following areas:
-editorial review
-book design

A r a w a k currently manages an inventory of some 100 titles. The list includes as yet relatively small output in children?s / young adult literature (the neXt generation series / the Conch Shell paperback series). However, steady growth is envisaged in the ?general workbooks?, ?language acquisition? (English/Creole/Spanish/French), ?historical adventure?, ?legends?, ?Caribbean biographies? categories.

The wider list offers the mix of scholarly, professional and general trade titles.

A r a w a k also functions as a distribution agency representing both self-published authors inside and outside the region as well as institutional publishers (UWI, History Department - Social History Project), and other independent publishers (Zed Books).
With the assistance of a regional sales partner, A r a w a k continues to work to extend its exposure, reach, and market share in the rest of the Caribbean? not only among the reading audience but importantly also among the rich pool of Caribbean writers and authors. A r a w a k continues its efforts to establish a more visible presence in the region, in North America, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world through sales and distribution channels on the Internet and other partnerships.