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The Life I Recall: Other Pathways to Human Development [May 2011]
- Cuthbert Joseph
The Story of the Telegraph in Jamaica
- Rae Davis, Martin Henry, Martin MacLeavy
A Quest for Reggae Respect
- R. George Wiggan
Eternal Father Bless Our Land: Father Hugh Sherlock: HIS-STORY and then, SOME!
- Yvonne O. Coke
From the Cane Fields to King?s House: God is Good! The Autobiography of Sir Howard Felix Hanlan Cooke, Retired Governor-General of Jamaica (1991-2006)
- Yvonne O. Coke
Good Hope 1774 - 1994: History of a Jamaican Plantation [June 2011]
- Richard Hart
Blacks Under Whites: Constitutional, Racial, Religious, Social, Judicial & Armed Means of Control in a British Colony, Jamaica 1660-1962 [June 2011]
- Richard Hart
The Story of Jamaican Missions: How the Gospel went from Jamaica to the World
- Lloyd A. Cooke


Caribbean Childhoods
Issue theme: Children and Violence
Vol. 4, 2009

Educating the Caribbean Child: Reshaping the World
Issue theme: Building Bridges, Reuniting Caribbean Family
Vol. 1, No. 1, 2009